Inspiration – Norfolk State Spartans Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Norfolk State Spartans Logo
  • Download PNG Norfolk State Spartans Logo PNG Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia has a very unusual athletic logo.
  • The soft watercolor style makes it stand out among other sports emblems.
  • The artist who worked on the design chose unusual shades fitting each other perfectly.
  • Meaning and history The Norfolk State Spartans logo features the heads of two Spartans (apparently male and female) wearing gold and green helmets.
  • The heads are facing to the right.
  • They are encircled with the words “Norfolk State University” (arched on the top) and “Spartans” (arched below).
  • The lettering is given in a traditional serif type, and you can feel a subtle legibility issue at smaller sizes.
  • Norfolk State Spartans Colors NSU GREEN PANTONE: 341C HEX COLOR: #007A53; RGB: (0, 122, 83) CMYK: (95, 5, 82, 24) NSU GOLD PANTONE: 129C HEX COLOR: #F3D03E; RGB: (243, 208, 62) CMYK: (0, 11, 78, 0) NSU GRAY PANTONE: 425C HEX COLOR: #54585A; RGB: (84, 88, 90) CMYK: (48, 29, 26, 76)

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