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Nixon Logo

Nixon logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Nixon Logo PNG While the Nixon logo may look pretty minimalist, this seeming simplicity is deceptive.
  • The company makes watches and accessories and is also known as an audio brand.
  • The type is rather light, with generous breathing space between the letters, although it is in no way ethereal.
  • The “X” glyph in the middle of the word and the two “N’s” on the sides add an illusion of symmetry.
  • To the right of the word, there is an icon.
  • To decipher its message, we should first mention that it comprises three components, each having a meaning of its own.
  • The outside shape symbolizes the wings of time.
  • In addition to referring to the “timeless” elegance and quality of Nixon’s products, the message behind the Nixon logo also has a more direct meaning as a reference to something connected with the time.

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