Inspiration – Nicholls State Colonels Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Nicholls State Colonels Logo
  • Download PNG Nicholls State Colonels Logo PNG The 15 varsity teams representing Nicholls State University located in Louisiana play under the name of the Nicholls State Colonels.
  • Meaning and history 1980 The very first logo for Nicholls State Colonels was created in 1980 and hasn’t changed much by today.
  • It was a bright red square serif letter “N” with the white, blue, and red sable piercing it.
  • 2005 The redesign of 2005 made the lines of the logo thicker, shapes — wider, and the color palette calmer and more professional.
  • Now the main element of the badge, the “N” featured a light burgundy shade and a double white and light gray outline.
  • As for the sable, it was drawn in white and gray, looking like a shadow of the real colonel’s weapon, and adding some cold and freshness to the badge.
  • 2009 – Today The Nicholls State Colonels logo shows a clear connection with the brand identity of the university’s athletic program.
  • The saber featured on the emblem apparently belongs to Colonel Tillou, the athletics mascot for Nicholls State University.

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