Inspiration – Nhls Most Recognisable Logos Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Nhls Most Recognisable Logos

NHL’s Most Recognisable Logos

  • And every sports team has one.
  • They represent identity and everything that goes with it.
  • Every sports team has a history, it has been on a journey, and the logo is effectively the wrapper around it all.
  • A badge, especially over time, becomes synonymous with a team.
  • Ice hockey is a sport on the global stage, and there have been some iconic logos over the years, and we have the best of them below.
  • New Jersey Devils The whole idea of using the Jersey Devil as a logo was fantastic and has become an urban legend.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins The Pittsburgh Penguins’ logo is one of the most recognisable in the NHL.
  • The team has given fans many reasons to shout over the years, be it the success they’ve had on the ice, or for those supporting the team by consistently choosing them in the hockey betting sessions.
  • It blends perfectly with the colour scheme, and the branding goes beyond ice hockey, as everything links in with Pittsburgh and other sports, too.
  • The penguin has had several makeovers since its inception, but it will always be synonymous with this famous ice hockey team.
  • Edmonton Oilers The Edmonton Oilers logo design is one of the best and most thoroughly thought out in NHL history.
  • It’s been nearly half a century since the design came to the fore, and there is no way and no reason to change it now, as its somewhat famous in the ice hockey universe.
  • Detroit Red Wings A logo which represents the city is everything because it immediately makes the team relatable to so many people.
  • That’s what the Detroit Red Wings’ crest is, with the wheel on the badge representing the city’s auto industry.

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