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New York Times Logo

New York Times logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG New York Times Logo PNG The New York Times has a recognizable logo, which looks almost the same as it did more than 150 years ago when the newspaper was created.
  • The wordmark was tweaked several times but never completely changed.
  • Meaning and history 1851 – 1857 The first issue of the newspaper was published in 1851.
  • It was called the New York Daily Times back then.
  • 1857 – 1890 In six years the newspaper changed its name dropping the word “Daily”.
  • 1890 – Today The following notable modification of the logo occurred in the 1890s, when the hyphen in the word “New-York” was dropped.
  • When the current version of the logo made its debut in 1967, the newspaper lost about 1,000 subscribers.
  • Surprisingly, the most notable change was that the period after the title was dropped.
  • Symbol Times video hub emblem The New York Times video hub logo, which was created by Work-Order, modified the “T” character so as to place a digital play button inside.
  • Font The latest version of the New York Times logo was created by Edward Benguiat, one of the most well-known designers in the US, the author of quite a few typefaces (Souvenir, Tiffany, Korinna) and logos (Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated, Esquire).
  • The New York Times’ logo looks like it might be set in a classic blackletter typeface, but it is in fact hand-made.
  • Color The New York Times logo uses the same black-and-white color scheme as the rest of the newspaper’s headings.
  • It looks classic and gives a chance to emphasize the intricate shape of the characters.

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