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New Jersey Devils Logo

New Jersey Devils logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG New Jersey Devils Logo PNG The logo of the ice hockey team the New Jersey Devils seems a perfect example of how much you can say with a simple emblem.
  • Meaning and history The team currently playing under the name of the New Jersey Devils started its history in 1974 as the Kansas City Scouts.
  • The central element of the original logo was the Scout statue well-known to those who live in Kansas City.
  • There’s a “KC” monogram in yellow with a thin navy blue outline.
  • 1976 — 1982 Having spent two rather unsuccessful seasons in Kansas City, the club relocated to Denver and got a new name, the Colorado Rockies.
  • On the whole, the design of the logo represented the state flag of Colorado inside a mountain-shaped frame.
  • Following the deal, the team relocated to the state of New Jersey.
  • That was the first time when the iconic monogram appeared on the players’ uniforms.
  • The letters “N” and “J” on the emblem overlapped.
  • Like the legendary Jersey Devil itself, the monogram had a “tail” and “horns.” The emblem itself was red, while the outline was green.
  • 1992 — 1999 The 1993 modification was much more noticeable as the secondary color, green, was replaced by black, which affected the overall look of the logo.
  • Again, the update was hardly noticed by the fans as the basic structure of the New Jersey Devils logo remained virtually intact.
  • Both the shape of the letters and their color seem to fit the “NJ” monogram of the primary logo perfectly.
  • Colors The three colors of the team’s official palette are red (close to the following Hex shade: #C8102E), white (#FFFFFF), and black (#000000).

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