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New England Patriots Logo

New England Patriots logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG New England Patriots Logo PNG The original New England Patriots logo was just a dark blue tricorner hat with white elements.
  • By the next season, a new logo was created, with more detail, and it was only in 1993 that the team dared change it.
  • 1960 The very first logo version of Boston Patriots, the first name of the today-known New England Patriots, was introduced in 1960 and only stayed for one year.
  • Pat’s outfit was drawn in red, blue, and white with his red tricorne balanced by a red football.
  • The minuteman looked very determined and ready to catch the ball and run.
  • 1965 — 1970 The contours of Pat Patriot were refined and the color palette gained a new pink shade for the man’s skin in 1965.
  • 1971 — 1992 The name of the football club was changed to New England Patriots in 1971 and the team continued using the logo, created in 1965 with no changes.
  • Pat Patriot remained the main symbol of the football club until 1993 when the modern era of the visual identity design started for the Patriots.
  • The modern emblem of the Patriots was based in two unused versions, created in 1978, where the image of the Patriot in blue and white was placed on a white background with blue stars (version number one), or on the red and white American flag (version number two, where the white five-pointed star was drawn on the blue tricorne).
  • The Ken Loh version of the emblem featured a blue and gray profile of a man in a tricorne hat with a white star on it, and two red stripes coming out of the hat to the left and weaving as a flag.
  • It features a unique typeface with unusual sharp elements.
  • The team did have several wordmarks earlier (unveiled in 1960, 1960, and 1993).
  • Also, they have an alternative wordmark, which features overlapping “N” and “E” characters.
  • Color Starting from 1961, the logo was based on the combination of red and dark blue.

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