Inspiration – National Premier Soccer League Npsl Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

National Premier Soccer League Npsl Logo

National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG National Premier Soccer League Logo PNG Meaning and history Red and blue, which are probably the most popular colors in the sports logo design, have adopted a unique and recognizable look in the National Premier Soccer League logo.
  • How has the designer achieved this result?
  • To begin with, he steered clear of the shade of blue used on the US flag and opted for a more muted, greyish part of the palette.
  • Red, by contrast, is more vivid and lighter than the one used on the flag.
  • Also, a cool metallic shade of grey has been added to the design.
  • Not only does it help to make the palette more distinctive, but it also adds some dimension to the NPSL logo and creates the illusion of shades.
  • 2003 — 2016 The National Premier Soccer League visual identity, introduced in 2003, boasted a sleek modern badge in the blue, red, and white color palette, with the top part circular, and bottom — rectangular.
  • The upper part of the logo featured a blue and white image of a football, enclosed into a thick blue frame with the narrowed uppercase inscription in white sans-serif letters.
  • The image was separated from the frame by a double circular outline in white and red.
  • As for the bottom part of the badge, it was taken by a solid blue banner with four solid white five-pointed stars set above the massive “NPSL” abbreviation in dark red letters with a thin white outline.
  • 2016 — Today The central, circular, part of the previous logo was brought to the new badge, designed for the league in 2016.
  • The blue and white ball got its contours modernized and refined, and was now set on a solid blue shield with its upper part colored red and containing the white extended sans-serif “NPSL” inscription.
  • The image of the football was “covered” by the arched “National Premier Soccer League” inscription in a narrowed yet bold sans-serif font, and underlined by four five-pointed stars in a delicate and calm shade of gray.

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