Inspiration – National Collegiate Athletic Association Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

National Collegiate Athletic Association Logo

National Collegiate Athletic Association logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • 1910 — 1938 The original badge for the National Collegiate Athletic Association was created in 1910 and stayed untouched for many years, even after the redesign of 1938 not much was changed in it.
  • So the initial design could be seen on the logo of the organization for almost sixty years.
  • The full inscription was written from the inside of the coin, around its perimeter.
  • 1938 — 1957 The logo was refined and strengthened in 1939.
  • Keeping all elements in their places, the contours of each were emboldened and cleaned.
  • 1957 — 1970 In 1957 the National Collegiate Athletic Association badge gets bright color.
  • The golden-yellow was used for the background of the medallion, with the faces, wreath, and hands still being drawn in white and black.
  • It was a solid black roundel with a white lowercase lettering on it.
  • 1980 — 2002 The black-and-white color palette from the previous design remained in the new logo, created in 1980.
  • The only difference between the old and new medallions was in the text part — now the “NCAA” abbreviation was written in one horizontal line, in the uppercase of a sleek serif font, with tall letters placed quite close to each other but not overlapping.
  • The black roundel itself was enlarged and became more solid and confident.
  • 2002 — Today The redesign of 2002 brought a new refreshing blue and white color palette to the National Collegiate Athletic Association logo.
  • Now it was written a bit lower, slanted, and shifted to the right.
  • The typeface was switched to a super modern and massive serif font with only a half of serifs in each letter — in the upper part.

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