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Morrisons Logo

Morrisons logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • It has been redesigned several times for the last six decades to keep up with the time and to attract customers.
  • 1961 – 1979 The first Morrisons supermarket logo appeared in 1961 when the first supermarket was opened.
  • The logo became iconic and lasted over 40 years, having undergone some slight alterations.
  • 1979 – 1985 The first modification was in 1979.
  • The oval with the letter “M” was placed inside a rectangle with a black background.
  • The colour palette included black, yellow and white.
  • It retained the traditional “M” symbol, the oval and the wording “Morrisons” but made the original Egyptian font thinner, replaced black with green, which smoothed over the contrast, and used a different shade of yellow.
  • Though the concept was practically the same, Landor won a Gramia award and the DBA gold award for this project.
  • 2014 – Today With the redesign of 2014, the Morrisons’ visual identity started using a reverse color palette.
  • The new logo features a solid circular medallion in green with a bold yellow “M” in a rounded serif typeface on it, and a green uppercase wordmark set under the emblem and written in the same shade of green as the circular background.
  • The typeface of the main inscription is pretty much the same as the one used for the “M” on the emblem.
  • 2016 – Today In 2016 Morrisons released a new logo.
  • It rid itself of the capital “M”, the green colour introduced in 2007 and the geometric style of the font.
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