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Mitsubishi Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Meaning and history The name of the company, Mitsubishi, is a derivative from two Japanese words: “mitsu” for “three” and “hishi” for “water chestnut”.
  • 1870 – 1873 For the first three years after the company was established, it used both Iwasaki and Tosa crests, without any wordmark.
  • It was more a symbolism than a brand’s visual identity, a tribute to the roots.
  • It features three elegant thin rhomboids connected in the center of the image with a small circle.
  • The color palette is now red and black, which is a great symbol of energy and stability.
  • 1964 – 1985 In 1964 the logo gets a new shape, the one we can see today.
  • One more change of this time period is a company’s motto written above the emblem.
  • 1985 – Today The Mitsubishi wordmark appears on the logo in 1985.
  • The capital letters of the nameplate are executed in a traditional sans serif typeface with masculine straight lines, which are clean and direct.
  • The wordmark features black color, which makes the logo strong and bright.
  • The classic powerful red black and white combination is a perfect choice for a minimalist and geometrical Mitsubishi logo.
  • The straight lines and sharp angles reflect the brand’s energy and passion, evoking a sense of strength and authority.
  • The Emblem The famous Mitsubishi emblem was created in the 1870s and is a celebration of the brand’s heritage and history.
  • The Mitsubishi emblem is a celebration of the company’s roots and has been a part of the Mitsubishi logo for more than a century.

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