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Massachusetts Minutemen Logo

Massachusetts Minutemen logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Massachusetts Minutemen Logo PNG The University of Massachusetts Amherst sponsors 14 varsity teams playing under the same names, UMass Minutemen and Minutewomen, and sharing the same logo.
  • Meaning and history 1985 The original Massachusetts Minutemen logo was introduced in 1985 and featured a traditional combination of a square serif letter “U” in burgundy, and an arched light gray banner with the ‘Massachusetts” inscription overlapping the letter.
  • The wordmark was set in the uppercase and used the same burgundy color for its letters.
  • 1993 The redesign of 1993 introduced a smoother and brighter badge in the burgundy and white color palette, with the burgundy shade enhanced and more vivid.
  • 2003 The graphical element was added to the Massachusetts Minutemen logo in 2003.
  • It was also when the color palette of the badge was extended — black and gray shades were added to the scheme.
  • The logotype was now set in two levels, with the “UMass” in burgundy capitals with a triple black gray and white outline was written above the black banner with gray uppercase “Minutemen” inscription in a square serif typeface.
  • Above the lettering, there was an image of a minuteman executed in white and burgundy, with black contours.
  • The 2003 version looked more like a horseshoe.
  • The same design remained on the Massachusetts Minutemen logo but the emblem, on the whole, became more minimalistic.
  • Massachusetts Minutemen baseball The baseball program is very old, it started in 1877.
  • They reached the NCAA tournament eleven times and the College World Series two times.
  • Massachusetts Minutemen basketball The men’s basketball team of the University of Massachusetts Amherst reached the NCAA Tournament Final Four in 1996.
  • The women’s team, which is called the UMass Minutewomen, has made the NCAA Tournament appearances in 1996 and 1998.

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