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Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks Logo

Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks Logo PNG There are around 15 teams in the athletic program of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne, Maryland.
  • The hawk has been the centerpiece of the Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks logo for at least twenty years.
  • Meaning and history 1991 – 2006 On the previous emblem, which was developed in 1991, the hawk was depicted in flight, with its wings spread wide.
  • Apparently, it was going to attack.
  • The lettering “UMES” could be seen below.
  • The palette included only black and white.
  • 2007 – Today In 2007, the team adopted a logo featuring only the hawk’s head.
  • This time, there were the team’s official colors, maroon and grey, complemented with black and white nuances.
  • You can still see a hawk in flight on the secondary Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks logo.
  • Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks basketball The men’s basketball team of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore has competed in the NCAA Tournament on seven occasions, in the National Invitation Tournament on one occasion, and Postseason Tournament on one occasion.
  • As of 2019, the head coach is Jason Crafton.
  • Although the women’s team has never won the MEAC title, they reached the Final on one occasion.
  • Their home arena is Hytche Athletic Center.
  • Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks Colors HAWKS RED PANTONE: PMS 186 C HEX COLOR: #E03A3E; RGB: (225, 68, 52) CMYK: (0, 91, 76, 6) VOLT GREEN PANTONE: PMS 382 C HEX COLOR: #C1D32F; RGB: (196, 214, 0) CMYK: (29, 2, 100, 0) HAWKS CHARCOAL PANTONE: PMS 426 C HEX COLOR: #26282A; RGB: (38, 40, 42) CMYK: (73, 65, 62, 67)

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