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Marshall Logo

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  • Download PNG Marshal Logo PNG Marshall Amplification is a British company producing musical sound amplifiers and other acoustic systems.
  • It was founded by an English musician, entrepreneur and constructor of sound equipment James Charles “Jim” Marshall in 1962.
  • Initially, the company was manufacturing a replica of the products of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation of the USA, but later it introduced its own modifications to the equipment which was demanded by musicians seeking heavier sound instruments.
  • After the death of Jim Marshall, in 2012, the company started manufacturing headphones and, three years later, it introduced to the mobile phones market its first smartphone “Marshall London”.
  • Meaning and history The Marshall logo is concise and very clear.
  • It proudly carries the name of the company’s founder “Marshall” made in handwriting with a very thin line.
  • The letters graphics are light and elegant and very close to commercial font Amplify.
  • In certain versions of the logo, under the main line of the wordmark, there is a second one with the word “AMPLIFICATION” made in a much smaller font than the upper line and resembling the commercial Blooming Elegant Sans Bold.
  • All the inscriptions are made in black colour against a white background, although there is a version with white letters on a black rectangle.
  • The logo of Marshall Amplification is associated with innovative technology and the highest quality of musical equipment.
  • According to the company’s web site, its team of professionals does its best “to push the boundaries of possibility” in order to assist its clients to find the needed sound.
  • It is also associated with the names of legendary rock musicians Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton and Ritchie Blackmore how used to admire the qualities of the company’s equipment.

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