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Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Logo

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Logo PNG The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is the old name of the baseball team Los Angeles Angels.
  • The original Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim logo was built around a winged basketball; then the team chose a logo featuring a stylized depiction of California on the map.
  • 1961 — 1964 The very first logo for Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was created in 1961 and stayed with the club for three years.
  • The green of the rhombus became calmer, white the yellow halo turned white, which made the whole image more balanced and professional.
  • 1971 — 1972 In 1971 the club starts using another logo concept — it is a white contoured California State with the lowercase red “Angels” lettering along with it.
  • The black contour, red lettering, and yellow symbol made the white California State contour more energetic and vivid.
  • 1973 — 1985 The redesign of 1973 was all about the typeface of the “Angels” inscription.
  • 1986 — 1992 In 1986 the Los Angeles Angels logo was changed again.
  • This time it was a stylized baseball in white red and black, with a sharp red “A” in dark red with a black outline.
  • On the top of the letter, there was a delicate yellow halo.
  • The black element of the logo was the solid contour of the California State, placed behind the red letter.
  • It was a solid dark blue circle in a thin gray outline with a red monogram on it.
  • The top of the letter “A” was decorated by a light gray halo, balancing the circular frame of the badge.
  • 1995 — 1996 The circular badge was replaced by just a red and white “CA” monogram, outlines in thin black, and placed on a white background.
  • The contours of the letters were refined and clean, and on a new background, the gray halo became more visible and stable.
  • The red script “Angels” lettering was diagonally set in a blue crest and outlines in white.
  • The stylized letter “A” in a wishbone typeface with an elongated and pointed top was drawn in gradient red in the middle of the badge.
  • The gray halo was placed on its sharp peak.
  • 2016 — Today In 2016 the logo, created in 2005, was slightly refined and got its contours cleaned and emboldened.
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is the name of the baseball club from California State, which was established in 1961.

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