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Loreal Logo

LOreal logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Some of the fields the company works in are hair color, skin care, make-up, fragrances, as well as tissue engineering and biopharmaceutical research.
  • Meaning and history The history of L’Oréal group dates back to 1909, when the young chemist Eugène Schueller offered Parisian hairdressers a hair dye he had created on his own.
  • At the time, the staff included only four chemists (including the founder) while by 1951 there were over 100 employees.
  • That’s why the very type and the way each character is given are essential for the overall visual effect.
  • Each letter in the name of the company is capitalized.
  • It was written by a 23-year-old copywriter Ilon Specht with McCann Erickson.
  • Font The type chosen for the LOreal wordmark is highly readable and clear.
  • We can’t notice any notable unique features: every character looks the way it would have looked in a blog or a magazine article.
  • Color L’Oreal logo is basically given as a combination of white and black.
  • The corporate emblem features black as a background, while the wordmark itself is given in white (negative).
  • However, the reverse is also acceptable.
  • This elegant and classic combination symbolizes the inborn sense of style, as well as purity (white) and mystery (black).
  • It is also worth mentioning that the emblem may be given in various other colors, depending on the visual context.
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