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Liberty Mutual Logo

Liberty Mutual logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Liberty Mutual Logo PNG Liberty Mutual is an insurance company from the United States, which specializes in property insurance services.
  • The logo is composed of a recognizable emblem with a wordmark on its right.
  • From a bold and modern sans-serif, the company switched to an elegant and confident serif typeface with sophisticated yet strong lines.
  • 1921 – 1923 In 1922 the Liberty Mutual Logo was redrawn again, and this is when the first graphical emblem was introduced.
  • Executed in a monochrome palette, it featured a vertically oriented oval medallion in a thin double black and white frame with a white image of the Statue of Liberty placed on a black background.
  • 1923 – 1985 In 1923 the image was redrawn in a smoother and more modern way, with the hand and the torch coming out of the medallion’s framing.
  • 1936 – 1960 The first constant logo was composed of a wordmark in all capitals set in two levels and a graphical emblem.
  • The upper part of the Statue of Liberty was drawn in confident black lines and placed on an oval background, which featured a pattern consisting of many parallel horizontal lines.
  • The monochrome color palette of the company’s visual identity added to its seriousness and professionalism, showing the insurer as a reliable and responsible one.
  • 1985 – 1994 The contours of the logo were emboldened and modernized in 1985.
  • The monochrome badge started looking stronger and contemporary after the frame of the medallion got removed and the typeface was switched to a sleek and smooth serif with sharp ends of the lines.
  • 2000 – Today The redesign of 2000 brought a new color palette and modern contours to the visual identity of a famous American insurance firm.
  • The emblem has sleeker and more distinct contours, and the oval background is now colored blue, without any pattern.
  • Font The wordmark now features only two capital letters and is executed in a more modern serif typeface, which is very similar to a transitional Perpetua Bold font, which was designed by Eric Gill in the 1920s.
  • Being one of the most popular typefaces in history, Perpetua boasts elegant and distinct serifs and smooth sophisticated lines, evoking a sense of finesse and luxury.
  • Review Liberty Mutual is one of the world’s largest property and casualty insurers, which was established in the 1910s and grew into one of the Fortune100 companies, with its subsidiaries and operating offices in almost 30 countries across the globe.
  • The group’s three business units include Personal Insurance Lines, Commercial Insurance Lines, and Liberty Mutual Investments.
  • The Personal Insurance Lines include automobile, home and life insurance plans for individuals.
  • And today it is the fastest-growing department of the group.
  • The company offers all the possible insurance solutions for individuals, families, and business and allows to customize the policies to the personal needs of every customer.

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