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Lavazza Logo

Lavazza logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • The Lavazza coffee products are one of the most popular across the globe.
  • In 2017, the number of employees almost reached 3,100.
  • 1920s-1930s The packaging of the 1920s featured a different style with “dancing” red and black letters.
  • 1946 This is when the prototype of the current Lavazza logo was born.
  • The packaging of this era shows the word “Lavazza” in bold capitals looking almost exactly like on the current one, with just a couple of alterations.
  • Also, we should add that below the wordmark, the company placed a shield divided into two fields.
  • The top housed three black coffee beans over the red background, while the second field housed a steaming white cup over the black background.
  • Now, the name of the brand in white was placed inside a rectangle divided into two fields by a diagonal bar.
  • Over the following decade, the company experimented with the proportions of the “A” making it larger in comparison with other letters.
  • Also, additional words (in yellow or white) were added from both sides.
  • In addition to the rectangular-based primary logo, the company also used a simpler wordmark featuring only the name of the brand.
  • 1970 A black-and-white print material captured the first version where the lower part of the “A” was leveled up – it was not lower than other letters anymore.
  • The 3D effect was gone.
  • The logo was designed by Di Robilant.
  • Yet, there were also other modifications.
  • It was built on the interplay of thin and thick strokes.
  • 1992 Di Robilant redrew the steam making it larger – it now filled a whole square above the wordmark.
  • In addition to black and white, red was added to the steam.
  • The type grew heavier, which made it closer to the older versions.
  • You could see a stylized cup in white next to the wordmark in some versions.

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