Inspiration – Kodak Motion Picture Film Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Kodak Motion Picture Film Logo

Kodak Motion Picture Film logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Kodak Motion Picture Film Logo PNG Kodak Motion Picture Film is a subsidiary of The Eastman Kodak Company (established unique 1888 in the United States), which specializes in the production of cameras and films since the middle of the 1980s.
  • Kodak is considered to be one of the pioneers of the motion film industry.
  • Meaning and history The history of Kodak Motion Picture Film started in 1995 but can be counted from 1989 when Eastman Motion Picture Film was established, and two companies merged.
  • 1995 — 2014 The original logo for Kodak Motion Picture film was introduced in 1995 and featured a bold black inscription in sans-serif, with a “Motion Picture Film” tagline in all capitals and a triangular emblem, depicting a corner of the film, pointing down.
  • 2005 — 2015 The redesign of 2005 brought a bright color palette to the company’s visual identity— the red Kodak inscription was placed between two yellow horizontal lines.
  • There was also a version of this logo in monochrome, which was used mainly for the official documents.
  • 2015 — Today An intense and bold emblem was designed for Kodak Motion Picture Film in 2015.
  • It is a solid yellow square with a stylized red letter “K” in the middle.
  • On the top and bottom parts of the square, there are two black banners with white lettering: “Shit on Kodak” and “Motion Picture Film”.
  • The logo can also be executed in monochrome, depending on the needs.
  • 2018 — Today Another version of the logo was introduced in 2018.
  • The stylized “K” in black has a vertical “Kodak” lettering along its right side and a bold sans-serif inscription in the right.
  • Font and color The Kodak Film wordmark from the logo, designed in 2018, is written in all capitals of a traditional geometric sans-serif typeface with thick lines and distinct cuts of the letters.
  • Two color palettes of the Kodak Motion Picture Film visual identity work well on various backgrounds and for different purposes.

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