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Jet Logo

Jet Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Jet Logo PNG The brand Jet is used by Phillips 66, an American multinational energy company, as its filling station brand in several countries in Europe, from Austria and Germany to the UK.
  • Meaning and history Although the Jet logo has undergone at least three notable modifications, it has been consistent in its structure and palette – there has never been a revolution in the visual brand identity.
  • This is quite important, as this approach has provided the recognizability of the brand throughout its history.
  • However, originally, the color of the wordmark was black.
  • 1989 — 2003 The design grew cleaner and brighter.
  • The explanatory tagline was already not necessary as the brand grew recognizable enough.
  • The box was gone, too.
  • The letter adopted a triangular top, which stood for the dot.
  • The triangular top of the “J” is gone.
  • The only problem here is that the direction of the motion is different in the case of the “J” and the “E” and “T.” However, the extended ends of the letters also serve another purpose – they make the logo better legible from various angles.
  • The blue swooshes above and below the wordmark also add some motion.
  • Font The type is a minimalist sans with a dynamic touch.
  • Colors The palette of the Jet logo makes it vivid and recognizable.
  • And yet, the contrast between the dark shade of blue and the noble gold is enough to provide decent legibility.

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