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Isuzu Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG Isuzu Logo PNG Isuzu is a Japanese brand of commercial-automobile manufacturer, which was founded in 1916 in Tokyo and today is one of the world’s most famous and trusted companies in the industry.
  • Meaning and history The company was named after one of the Japanese rivers, Isuzu (which translates to English as “50 bells”), however, its original name was Ishikawajima until 1934.
  • Isuzu’s visual identity has only three major versions during the whole brand’s history, and since 1974 the company never changed its iconic color palette.
  • 1949 – 1974 The original Isuzu logo was composed of a blue shield with oval ornate medallion, which contained a Japanese wordmark.
  • The English version of the Isuzu brand name was placed on a red rectangular on the top part of the shield.
  • The lettering was executed in a bold traditional typeface and featured white color.
  • It is a bright red and white logo, which is composed of a wordmark and an emblem above it.
  • The emblem features two pillars with diagonally cut tops.
  • 1991 – Today In 1991 Isuzu simplifies its logo, making it more modern at the same time.
  • Now the brand’s visual identity features only a wordmark, the emblem is removed.
  • The color palette remains unchanged — it is still white and red, just sometimes brand switches the colors of the lettering and the background, depending on the placement.
  • The Isuzu logo is strong and powerful in its simplicity.
  • It is a perfect reflection of the brand’s values of progress and its influence.
  • The minimalist approach says a lot about the company’s philosophy, which main aim is to provide the highest quality and make their customers come back.

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