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Ign Logo

IGN Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG IGN Logo PNG IGN is a video game and entertainment media website.
  • Meaning and history The abbreviation “IGN” stands for the company’s original name, Imagine Games Network.
  • Soon, a network of five websites was developed, each with a different palette and a different logo.
  • 1996 – 2009 While the original logo looks different from the following ones, it already features an emblem looking very familiar.
  • The first part of the website’s name is large and features red letters, which makes it the most prominent part of the design.
  • It makes the logo resemble a badge.
  • There is nothing but the joystick-inspired emblem (it is now red) and the lettering “IGN.” The emblem has been redrawn without changing its overall look.
  • The lettering features a different type – an all-caps sans.
  • 2012 – Today The gradient has been gone, which makes the IGN logo flat.
  • Other than that, the design has remained the same.
  • Here, the word “IGN” is placed in the upper field, which is red and large.
  • The lower field is black.
  • The combination of right angles and softly rounded angles makes the glyphs echo the emblem.
  • Colors The combination of red and black with a white background is one of the most popular palettes in logo design.

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