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Hp Logo

HP logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • The company is best known for producing computers and accessories, but at the very beginning of its history, it was focused on software and computing services for commercial and individual customers.
  • 1939 — 1954 The original HP logo was executed in a monochrome color palette and depicted a white italicized lowercase lettering set on a solid black circle, with the tails of the letters elongated and coming out of the circle to top and bottom, changing the color to black.
  • The “Hewlett-Packard” inscription was written on the sides from the emblem in the capitals of a bold strong typeface.
  • 1954 — 1974 The redesign of 1954 removed the additional lettering from the HP logo, and clean its contours.
  • The new emblem featured a black monogram, placed on a white background and enclosed in a thin circle.
  • 1974 — 1981 The “Hewlett-Packard” lettering came back to the HP logo in 1974, after a new redesign.
  • The badge, introduced this year was composed of a slanted vertical rectangle in blue and black, with a white circle and “HP” lettering in the middle.
  • The additional lettering was executed in a classy serif typeface and italicized under the same angle as the emblem.
  • 1979 — 2008 In 1974 the color palette of the logo was changed to calm blue, white and black, where the white circle with blue lettering was set on a blue rectangle with softened corners, and the two-layered “Hewlett-Packard” inscription in black capitals was placed on the right from the graphical part.
  • 1999 — 2012 The black lettering was removed from the logo in 1999, and the blue and white emblem became the only element of the HP visual identity.
  • 2008 — 2014 In 2008 the blue background was changed to white and the circle changed its color to blue, making the narrowed “HP” lettering white and “hiding” their elongated tails.
  • With the reversed colors the badge started looking more interesting and crispy.
  • Both letters were also a bit enlarged, which added brightness and more contrast to the circular blue and white badge.
  • Symbol The emblem is pretty simple: just the name of the company written in two lines and a white rectangular with a green border.
  • All the three words are written in a sans-serif font, the first line is in bold.
  • The logo is sleek, elegant, and definitely looks innovative.
  • However, a person can’t easily understand what company the emblem belongs to unless he is already familiar to it as the “HP” lettering is hardly readable.
  • The mark was created between 2008 and 2011 by the British creative agency Moving Brands.
  • Colors While the older HP logo featured a white lettering on the blue background, the new one can be performed in a variety of colors.
  • The “H” and “P” characters are formed with four diagonal slashes.

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