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Halo Logo

Halo logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Halo Logo PNG Halo Beauty is the name of the American beauty-supplement brand, which was created by a famous beauty blogger, Tati Westbrook, and instantly became popular across the globe, but especially in the North American region.
  • Meaning and history The visual identity of the famous American brand is light and elegant, perfectly reflecting the tender approach to every woman’s skin and the willingness of the company to make the world more beautiful and shining.
  • The logo of Halo Beauty is composed of two different styles and is completely text-based.
  • Set in two levels and executed in a calm light gold color, it is usually placed on a white or pink background, looking luxury and chic.
  • The upper, “Halo” level is drawn in a custom handwritten typeface with a stylized nimbus above the letter “L” with its smooth loop.
  • The nimbus is the only graphical element of the brand’s logotype.
  • As for the bottom, “Beauty”, level, it is written in all capitals of a modern sans-serif typeface, which looks pretty close to an extended Niva Small Caps Medium, with distinct letter cuts and edges.
  • The inscription looks stylish and professional, adding a sense of high quality to the logo and pointing on the expertise and authority of the brand.
  • The combination of cursive and straight lines makes the gold girly nameplate strong and remarkable, representing a young company, which values its customers’ comfort and beauty.
  • The gold and pale pink color palette of the Halo Beauty visual identity evokes a sense of care and love, and white, used as an additional shade, elevates the logo l, evoking a sense of loyalty and transparency, and making the image lighter and crispier.
  • The Halo Beauty logo is simple, yet instantly recognizable across the globe due to its delicate nimbus and exquisite design.
  • It looks good both on the company’s website and on the packaging of its products, making the branded cosmetics stand out on the shelves.

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