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Georgia State Panthers Logo

Georgia State Panthers logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Georgia State Panthers Logo PNG Meaning and history 1993 Although the panther on the 1993 Georgia State Panthers logo was utterly cartoonish and did not look like a real sports logo, it was used for three years.
  • 1997 On the 1997 emblem, you can see the side view of the panther facing to the right.
  • Neither this, nor the following logo adopted in 2002 were a great progress in comparison with the 1993 one.
  • 2002 2009 The 2009 logo looked more professional.
  • The cartoon character was replaced by a more realistic panther.
  • 2014 – Today Eventually, in 2014, the current Georgia State Panthers logo was introduced.
  • In comparison with its predecessor, it looks slightly more minimalistic and professional.
  • Georgia State Panthers basketball The men’s basketball team has made five appearances in the NCAA Tournament, two appearances in the National Invitation Tournament, and two appearances in the Tournaments.
  • The women’s team has competed in the NCAA Tournament three times.
  • They have been to the Women’s NIT in 2000 and in AIAW Tournament in 1981.
  • Georgia State Panthers baseball The home arena of the baseball program is at Georgia State’s Panthersville sports complex.
  • The program fielded in 1956 is currently coached by Brad Stromdahl.
  • Georgia State Panthers Colors BLUE PANTONE: PMS 286 HTML/HEX COLOR: #0039A6; RGB: (0,57,166) CMYK: (100,72,0,0) RED PANTONE: PMS 186 HTML/HEX COLOR: #C60C30; RGB: (198,12,48) CMYK: (0,100,75,4) BLACK PANTONE: PMS BKACK HEX COLOR: #000000; RGB: (0,0,0) CMYK: (0,0,0,100)

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