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Fosters Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG Fosters Logo PNG Foster’s is a brand of lager, founded by William and Ralph Foster in Melbourne, Australia in 1888.
  • Meaning and history The Foster’s logo is a great example of using contrast colors.
  • The brand’s color palette includes iconic blue, gold and bright red.
  • The recognizable red Foster’s F sits within a gold roundel.
  • After the last redesign, the word “Melbourne” features within the roundel and elsewhere on packaging.
  • 1889 – 2001 The very first Fosters logo was created in 1889 and stayed untouched for more than a century.
  • It was a bold white serif inscription in the uppercase, placed on a bright blue background under a colorful emblem, which became a basis for all the future redesigns.
  • The emblem was composed of a sleek thick “O” in intense yellow color with the red capital “F” in a white outline, placed inside.
  • 2001 – 2010 The redesign of 2001 removed the white wordmark from Foster’s logo, making the emblem the only element of the badge.
  • The white outline of the “F” was balanced by a white outline on the internal part of the “O”.
  • 2010 – 2017 In 2010 the darker shades replaced the bright ones, making the logo look more sleek and serious.
  • The contours of the “F” were refined and softened, while some white accents were added to its red body.
  • 2017 – Today The brand aims to stand out better on shelf and Foster’s made effective use of it’s large Foster’s F emphasized on the bottle’s main label as well as on the neck to allow easy recognition and distinction from a far.
  • The Foster’s logo is contemporary and sunny, with informal and inclusive personality.

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