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Fjallraven Logo

Fjallraven logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Fjallraven Logo PNG Fjallraven is a famous Scandinavian brand, which specializes in designing and manufacturing of the outdoor activewear and backpacks.
  • The company was estab-lished in 1969 i. Sweden and today it is well known and loved all over the globe.
  • Meaning and history The Fjallraven visual identity is instantly recognizable across the world due to its bright and unique mascot, which takes the main part of the logo, placed on the left of its wordmark.
  • The Fjallraven wordmark is set in two levels and written in all the capital letters, ex-ecuted in an extra-bold rounded sans-serif typeface, which looks solid and modern.
  • The Fjallraven emblem, placed on the left of the nameplate, depicts a curled-up fox with a glint in one of its eyes.
  • This symbol was created by Kjell Olsson and became synonymous with the brand.
  • The original version of the Fjallraven logo was designed in 1960 and showed a run-ning fox, which was more an illustration than the brand’s emblem.
  • With the creation of the iconic Fjallraven Arctic Fox, the company gained global recognition.
  • The bright red on the white color palette of the Fjallraven logo is a reflection of the brand’s passion and progressive approach to design and production, as the company accents in the quality and materials of its items, and the visual identity help to show it as a reliable and professional one.
  • The playful Fjallraven logo is unique and memorable, it looks cool and fresh, evoking a sense of fun, passion, and energy, the three qualities, the brand values most and aims to bring them to their customers.

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