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Fiat Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • 1899 – 1901 The first Fiat logo was created in 1899 and stayed with the company for two years.
  • 1901 – 1903 In 1901 the logo was redesigned for the first time and now it was composed of a stylish wordmark in black, executed in a custom typeface with playful elongated lines.
  • 1908 – 1921 The style and color palette of the logo remained, but the shape of an emblem was changed to a horizontally located oval.
  • 1925 – 1929 In 1925 the logo became fancier — the framing is now silver with a leaves ornament, and the wordmark is colored red, placed on a white background.
  • The lettering on a blue background also changed its color to silver, with the new dark gray outline.
  • 1932 – 1938 Starting 1932 the brand changed the shape of the logo from circle to rectangular, which is after being modified into a shield-like emblem with a thick silver frame and bold big letter of the wordmark in a custom typeface, located on a red background.
  • There were about 5 redesigns of the rectangular Fiat logo from 1932 to 1968, but the color palette remained untouched.
  • The narrow red badge looked very elegant in its gray framing with the solid silver lettering in the middle.
  • As for the color palette and the typeface of the wordmark — everything remained unchanged, though the lines of the letters became a bit bolder.
  • It was a very thick silver trapezoid with rounded angles and some gradient shades, which added volume and a three-dimensional feeling to the logo of the Italian automaker.
  • Secondly, the lettering was executed in a bright yellow color, with a white outline.
  • The color palette is black and silver, which makes the Fiat logo look elegant and strict.
  • 1972 – 1999 In 1972 the color palette of the logo was changed to blue and white, which made it look lighter and more modern.
  • The logo stayed with the brand for quite a long time and today is considered to be one of the best versions of the Fiat visual identity designs.
  • They were still colored blue, but now it was a three-dimensional version of the recognizable badge.
  • 1999 – 2006 In 1999 the brand decided to come back to rounded forms.
  • The new Fiat logo is composed of a blue circle with a thick silver frame and silver lettering, which looks volume and vivid due to the use of this color.
  • 2001 – 2006 After the experiment with a circular logo, the brand decided to bring back the version of 1968, making it three-dimensional and adding some silver tones into its palette.
  • 2003 – 2006 For only three years, starting 2003, Fiat was using a simple yet memorable badge, which was composed of three-dimensional lettering in gradient blue, placed on a plain white background.
  • The gradient colors and three-dimensional effect of the Fiat new logo make the brand’s visual identity sleek and bright.

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