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Family Home Entertainment Logo

Family Home Entertainment logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Family Home Entertainment Logo PNG Family Home Entertainment was a home video brand based in the US.
  • It was a division of Artisan Entertainment and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.
  • Meaning and history While the latest Family Home Entertainment logo looked cute, some of the older ones were somewhat scary.
  • 1981 – 1985, 1987 The original emblem featured the name of the brand in a type called Baby Teeth due to its peculiar shape.
  • We can also add that, although this type is unusual (which is not a bad thing), the wordmark is not very legible.
  • It looks dated and heavy.
  • The legibility problem grows even worse since the letters are pink and neon green on the dark background (this does not create enough contrast and only blurs the writing).
  • h. e.” It looks as if it has been written by hand in a copy-book (like those used at school to practice writing).
  • The “school” effect is only reinforced by the fact that the letters are very uneven – they must have been written by a child.
  • The dots after each of the letters are “dancing,” too.
  • By the way, this logo existed in more than one version, where the shape of the letters and the hues slightly varied.
  • The full name of the brand moved above the abbreviation.
  • The red “roof” above the “h” echoes the word “home” in the company name, as well as the way the company saw its specialization.
  • In this version, you can see the “FHE” abbreviation in capitals (green, red, and violet, respectively).

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