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Extended Stay America Logo

Extended Stay America logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Extended Stay America Logo PNG Extended Stay America is an American hotel-chain company, which was established in 1995 and today has more than 600 locations across the USA and Canada.
  • The brand is focused on low-budget long stay rooms.
  • Meaning and history 1995 – 2006 2006 – 2012 2012 – Today The Extended Stay America visual identity is based on a simple inscription and a bright color palette.
  • The logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left.
  • The nameplate features two different styles and colors of the lettering — the upper part has “extended” in the lowercase sans-serif typeface with a diagonal cut of the letter tails, it is colored green.
  • The lower part “Stay America” is written in all capitals of the straight and neat sans-serif font in a dark chocolate color.
  • It is a clean geometric inscription, which evokes a sense of reliability and confidence.
  • The Extended Stay America emblem is a stylized green star with rounded angles.

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