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Evinrude Logo

Evinrude logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Evinrude Logo PNG Evinrude is the trademark of a legendary American outboards boat motor.
  • Its first manufacturer was the company Evinrude Motors, founded in 1907 by the inventor of the motor, an American engineer of Norvegian origin Ole Evinrude.
  • Later on, Ole sold his first firm and in 1921 with his wife and business partner Bess, he registered a new venture, ELTO Outboard Motor Company.
  • In 1929 took place a triple merger of the old and new Evinrude’s companies and their rival Johnson Motors.
  • The new firm later got the famous name Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC).
  • After the bankruptcy of OMC, the Evinrude brand was acquired by Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products in 2001.
  • Independently of any legal and organizational issues, the Evinrude outboard motor has been steadily developing from the initial tiny 1,5 HP model to the modern giant of 300 HP.
  • The logo, its meaning and history The Evinrude logo was developed at the outset of the motor’s long history and the main design has never sustained any visible changes.
  • The wordmark uses its own corporate font made in heavy industrial style.
  • It looks like the name has been at first cast from metal and then letters have been chopped separately in thick lines and combining sharp and rounded corners.
  • The colour of the wordmark is dark navy blue on a white background or white on the background of the colour used for specific motor type.
  • The meaning, of course, is the last name of the motor’s inventor and the first head of the company Ole Evinrude.
  • Although the wordmark font and style were never changed, prior to the OMC period, it had a small emblem next to the brand name.
  • It was an oval with three wavy lines inside of the same colour as the wordmark.

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