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Evansville Purple Aces Logo
  • Download PNG Evansville Purple Aces Logo PNG Meaning and history 1977 – 2000 The old Evansville Purple Aces logo featured a cartoonish gentleman wearing a hat with a purple ribbon and a purple jacket.
  • 2001 – 2018 In 2001, the university replaced the gentleman with a primarily typographic insignia.
  • The word “Aces” was the largest here, while the words “Purple” and “Evansville” were given in smaller letters (purple and gold respectively).
  • 2019 – Today According to the press-release introducing the current Evansville Purple Aces logo, the aim of the update was “to strategically connect the institution and athletics into one single brand.” The result is a simple typographic logo featuring the interlocking letters “U” and “E.” In other words, there are only the initials of the name of the university, not a single reference to the athletic theme.
  • Evansville Purple Aces basketball The men’s basketball team has won five Division II national championships and has appeared in five NCAA Division I Tournaments.
  • The Lady Aces have played in the NCAA basketball tournament twice.
  • Evansville Purple Aces baseball The university has had five of its former baseball players in Major League Baseball.
  • Evansville Purple Aces Colors PURPLE HEX COLOR: #52237F; RGB: (82, 35, 127) CMYK: (84, 100, 13, 4) ORANGE HEX COLOR: #F36F21; RGB: (243, 111, 33) CMYK: (0, 70, 98, 0) WHITE PANTONE: P 1-1 C HEX COLOR: #FFFFFF; RGB: (255, 255, 255) CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)

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