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Evanescence Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG Evanescence Logo PNG Evanescence is an American music-band, which was formed in 1995 and performs a rock style.
  • Their album Fallen sold around 20 million copies across the globe and earned two Grammy awards.
  • Meaning and history The band’s name comes from Latin’s and means “vanish” or “disappear”.
  • Evanescence is a light and meaningful word, which is perfectly reflected by the band’s logo, which is composed of a wordmark and a band’s emblem.
  • The wordmark in all-caps with slightly enlarged letters “E” is executed in a very elegant font, which is similar to Evanescent typeface by Aeryn.
  • The typeface evokes a sense of calmness and sophistication, its thin and fine lines make the letters move on a black or white background.
  • The Evanescence emblem reminds of an unfinished circle with sharp ends, and is a graphical representation of an hourglass, which represents the band’s lyrics about time and death, it is a symbol of existence and time, which is moving and moving.
  • The Evanescence logo is an example of a smart and elegant visual identity, which fully reflects the group’s philosophy and values.

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