Inspiration – European Central Bank Ecb Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

European Central Bank Ecb Logo
  • Download PNG European Central Bank Logo PNG The European Central Bank logo is a combination of the Flag of Europe and the symbol of the euro.
  • And yet, the design forces behind the logo managed to create a distinctive identity out of these elements.
  • Meaning and history The centerpiece of the ECB logo is the symbol of the euro, the currency for which the ECB is the central bank.
  • The euro is given in gold inside a blue circle with white trim.
  • The euro symbol is encircled by twelve five-pointed stars.
  • Both the stars and the blue field have been borrowed from the Flag of Europe (which is the same as the Flag of the Council of Europe).
  • Initially, the flag was created in 1955 for the Council of Europe and was also used by the European Communities, which later were transformed into the EU.
  • According to the original symbolic description (1955), the blue field symbolizes “the blue sky of the Western world,” while the stars represent “the peoples of Europe.” The fact that the stars form a circle is also meaningful: this shape is a symbol of union.
  • The number of stars (twelve) represents “perfection and entirety.” The lower part of the circle is placed over a blue rectangle looking like the Flag of Europe without the stars.
  • Font While the emblem described above can be used on its own, it is often paired with the writing “European Central Bank” in a minimalist sans.
  • The ECB logo can also include the word “Eurosystem” in a lighter sans below a horizontal bar.
  • Company overview The European Central Bank was founded in 1998.
  • The ECB is one of seven institutions of the European Union.
  • Its reserves reach €0.526 trillion.

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