Inspiration – Essilor Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Essilor Logo

Essilor Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • It is headquartered in Charenton-le-Pont, France.
  • Meaning and history Essel was established in 1849 under the name of L’Association Fraternelle des Ouvriers Lunetteries.
  • Originally, it was a modest network of eyeglass assembly workshops.
  • Silor was established in 1931 as Lissac.
  • Essilor appeared as the result of the merger of Essel and Silor in 1972.
  • 1849 – 1931 1931 – 1972 1972 – 2018 2018 – Today Brand’s logo The centerpiece of the Essilor logo is a stylized human eye in white.
  • Its center is formed by the lowercase blue “e.” Below, there is the name of the brand in a sans serif typeface, where the lowercase “e” is combined with capital letters.
  • Due to this, the wordmark is perceived as a single whole.
  • Corporate logo This one is simpler, both in terms of the shape and the palette.
  • It is bolder in the middle and thinner at the ends catching one’s eye and creating an illusion of gradually fading out.
  • Font The type on the corporate Essilor logo supports the “fade out” theme presented by the horizontal line below.
  • Many letters have sharp, gradually decreasing ends.
  • On the whole, the type looks refined due to the combination of bolder and thinner strokes.
  • Color The gray color of the corporate logo conjures up such values as “business-like” and “serious,” while the more vivid blue palette of the Essilor brand logo has more identity.

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