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Enel Logo

Enel logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • It was founded as a state-owned enterprise in Italy in 1962.
  • By 2014, the company’s year turnover reached the level of almost 76 billion euros and its net income was 772 million euros.
  • Meaning and history 1963 The original Enel logo featured the word “Enel” in a light serif type.
  • The logo was light blue on the white background.
  • 1982 This version was by far more energetic and powerful due to the lightning bolt shape and the bold “e.” Yet, it was barely legible.
  • You would have never guessed what the company name was unless you had already known it.
  • 1997 The design was redrawn from scratch once again.
  • This time, it was more meaningful.
  • The blue color of the “Enel” wordmark was inspired by the color of the natural gas.
  • So, the company managed to combine the two main industries in which it works within a single logo.
  • The only problem was that the two elements did not seem to merge very well.
  • It has borrowed the orange and blue from the previous logo as the symbols of electricity and natural gas.
  • Other than this, the design is totally new.
  • It also symbolizes the filament, which is behind the power of a light bulb.

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