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Elle Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG ELLE Logo PNG ELLE is a French lifestyle magazine, founded in 1945 by Pierre Lazareva and his wife Helene Gordon.
  • ELLE is now published in 44 countries with a focus on fashion and all other things exciting for women.
  • Meaning and history A few years into publishing, ELLE started a campaign slogan that translated into ‘If she reads, she reads Elle’, which gained traction and slowly turned it into the giant it is today.
  • ELLE is an iconic magazine and its logo is highly recognizable all over the world.
  • The font for Elle Magazine is Didot, Serif in nature, which compliments the polish of the Spread.
  • The branding of the magazine is synonymous with the logo.
  • ELLE uses a classic monochrome color scheme for its logo.
  • Sometimes it’s a white lettering on a black background, sometimes — black typeface on white.

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