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Durex Logo

evolution history and meaning

  • Download PNG Durex Logo PNG Durex is a British condoms brand, founded in 1915 and originally developed and produced in the United Kingdom by SSL International.
  • SSL International was sold to the company Reckitt Benckiser in 2010.
  • It is one of the best-selling condom brands across the world, with 30% of the global market.
  • – 1990 1990 – 2006 2006 – 2013 2013 – 2020 The Durex logo 2013 is a rectangle with rounded corners, framed in white and blue with a white wordmark in custom typeface on a blue background.
  • 2020 – Today The brand uses common for the industry color palette, which send a truth worthy message to its customers.
  • Blue is a symbol of reliability, strength and tranquility, while white details add a sense of purity.
  • The Durex logo is highly recognizable due to its wordmark.
  • The closest available font to the Durex typeface is Century Gothic Font.

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