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Doctor Who Logo

Doctor Who logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • The “ghost” feeling was but emphasized by the white shapes on the background.
  • The lettering was given in the font Grotesque One Three.
  • While the word “who” was much taller than “doctor,” its width was the same.
  • The logo was in use throughout the Third Doctor’s era.
  • It was developed specifically for the first episode of the series broadcast in color.
  • The light letters of the arched word “doctor” and the outline of the word “Who” contrasted the indigo filling.
  • In some situations, a version without the square on the background was used.
  • The letter outlines grew brighter, while the background became darker, it now featured the night sky.
  • The color of the led outline grew somewhat more saturated.
  • 1987 – 1989 A completely new Doctor Who logo was developed for the Seventh Doctor episodes.
  • There was more depth now, while the letters featured shades of blue.
  • 2005 – 2006 The first story featuring the Ninth Doctor started a completely new era in the history of the Doctor Who logo.
  • This time, the lettering, which grew much thinner, was placed inside a shield.
  • Over 10 versions of this emblem were used.
  • They preserved the overall shape, yet played with the colors.
  • 2012 2012 – 2013 While the type featured for the “Doctor Who” lettering remained essentially the same, the “DW” emblem disappeared.
  • The designers experimented with the colors of the insignia and the background throughout the following episodes.
  • It looked different, though, due to the thin round shapes.
  • Font The two earliest versions of the Doctor Who logo featured the fonts Grotesque One Three and Times New Roman.
  • Eventually, the 2018 logo is based on a customized version of the Gotham typeface Colors The original black-and-white logos were replaced by color versions in 1970.

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