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Delonghi Logo

evolution history and meaning, PNG

  • Download PNG DeLonghi Logo PNG DeLonghi is a famous Italian brand of household appliance manufacturer.
  • It was established as a workshop, opened by the founders, De’Longhi family, in 1902.
  • Today the company is one of the leaders of the market, operating in 33 countries and selling its products all over the globe.
  • Meaning and history The DeLonghi logo is highly recognizable across the world.
  • Its elegant framed wordmark is an example of Italian excellence.
  • The custom typeface of the wordmark is bold and confident, looking even stronger due to the contrast of its white lettering and a blue background.
  • The oval shape of the frame smothers the powerful logotype and makes it look friendlier and softer.
  • The white and blue is a traditional for the industry combination, but DeLonghi uses the gradient deep blue color, which makes its logo stand out.

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