Inspiration – Delaware State Hornets Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Delaware State Hornets Logo
  • Download PNG Delaware State Hornets Logo PNG The sports teams representing Delaware State University compete under the name of the Delaware State Hornets.
  • Meaning and history The symbolism behind the Delaware State Hornets logo is absolutely transparent.
  • The centerpiece of the emblem is a stylized hornet with a menacing expression on its muzzle.
  • The hornet is given with plenty of details, starting from the elements of its wings and to the multiple legs.
  • The insect’s body is red with white and black nuances (for the shades and the eyes).
  • The wings feature several shades of light blue helping to create the 3D effect on the Delaware State Hornets logo, and the black outline.
  • Delaware State Hornets basketball The men’s basketball team competed in the 2005 NCAA tournament.
  • It has also made two appearances in back to back National Invitation Tournament.
  • The women’s team, the Lady Hornets, competed in the 2006 NCAA tournament.
  • Delaware State Hornets football The most successful moment in the history of the university’s football team has been the 2007 MEAC football championship, when the Hornets won with a score of 28 to 21 in overtime.
  • Today, the team belongs to the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.
  • Delaware State Hornets Colors RED PANTONE: PMS 485 C HEX COLOR: #EE3124; RGB: (238, 49, 36) CMYK: (0, 95, 100, 0) LIGHT BLUE PANTONE: PMS 297 C HEX COLOR: #72CDF4; RGB: (114, 205, 244) CMYK: (49, 1, 0, 0) BLUE PANTONE: PMS 299 C HEX COLOR: #009DDC; RGB: (0, 157, 220) CMYK: (85, 19, 0, 0) BLACK PANTONE: PMS PROCESS BLACK C HEX COLOR: #231F20; RGB: (35, 31, 32) CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100)

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