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Deceuninck Logo

Deceuninck logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Deceuninck Logo PNG Deceuninck is a European company, which specializes in manufacturing window and door uPVC systems.
  • The Belgian corporation has about 3 thousand employees in almost all the continents.
  • Meaning and history The visual identity of the famous windows manufacturer looks strong and professional.
  • Its text-based logo reflects all the main principles of the company — safety, stability, and reliability.
  • The latest Deceuninck logo is composed of a white wordmark, placed on a bright blue background.
  • This is the most minimalist version of the brand’s visual identity throughout its history.
  • The previous company’s logo was composed of the same wordmark with an emblem above it.
  • The emblem depicted a stylized monogram, composed of two mirrored letters “D” in the lowercase, drawn in white with thin blue details.
  • The blue and white color palette of the group’s logo symbolizes professionalism and authority, reflecting the company with rich experience and expertise in its field and with a willingness to move forward with new technologies and innovations.
  • Review Deceuninck is one of the world’s leaders in designing and manufacturing of PVC systems for windows and doors.
  • The group, founded in 1937 today has over 15 production sites worldwide, which enables a fast delivery to all the countries across the globe.
  • The company has two main activity directions: window and door systems and building products.
  • As for the second division, it consists of a wide variety of cladding and roof products, railing and siding, along with decor finishings and composite decking.
  • All of the brand’s products are suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

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