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Danville Braves Logo

Danville Braves logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Danville Braves Logo PNG The Danville Braves started playing under their current name in 1993, after relocating to Danville, Virginia.
  • They compete in the Appalachian League at the Advanced Rookie level.
  • In 1982-1993, they were called the Pulaski Braves and played in Pulaski, Virginia.
  • Meaning and history 1993 — 2009 As a farm team of the Atlanta Braves , the Minor League Baseball franchise the Danville Braves has always used a logo that is heavily based on the parent team’s emblem.
  • The original Danville Braves logo consisted of two parts: the Atlanta Braves emblem, which was left unchanged, and a drop shape with a baseball inside.
  • 2010 — Today While this version still resembles the parent team’s logo, it has more unique features.
  • For one, the red tomahawk has been slightly rotated.
  • Also, the “Braves” script has been replaced by a large “D” in the same style.

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