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Danfoss Logo

Danfoss logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Danfoss Logo PNG Danfoss is a company specializing in products and services for a variety of industries, from cooling food and air conditioning to powering mobile machinery.
  • Its logo is an example of unbelievable loyalty to the company’s roots.
  • If you take a look at the wordmark used in the 1950s, you will be surprised by how similar it is to the current one.
  • This approach comes with certain drawbacks, though.
  • Meaning and history The current Danfoss logo features the name of the brand in an artistic typeface imitating handwriting.
  • The letters are connected with each other.
  • The wordmark has a calligraphic touch due to the difference in the width of the strokes.
  • Probably the most distinctive letter is the “D” with its bold, dynamic curves.
  • It is the only character that is capitalized.
  • The long stroke below the name of the brand contributes to the same impression.
  • The line is oriented slightly above the horizon, which creates an optimistic feel.
  • We can mention, however, that the Danfoss logo has a drawback, which partly results from its impressive age.
  • A decent modern logo is better legible, easier to grasp, and more meaningful.
  • You can often see an emblem or a distinctive type, which helps to instantly recognize the brand and (ideally) creates an association with the type of products or services it delivers.

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