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Dallas Stars Logo

Dallas Stars logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Dallas Stars Logo PNG The ice hockey team the Dallas Stars has had only two logos since it acquired its current name in 1993.
  • However, the history of the team actually dates back to the 1960s, and it has changed its name and location once, so it’s hardly a surprise that it had several other logotypes before 1993.
  • In 1994, the franchise moved to Dallas and dropped the words “Minnesota” and “North” from its name.
  • 1967 — 1974 The original Dallas Stars logo sported a large letter “N” stylized in the form of an arrow.
  • The green arrow was pointing towards a yellow star with a green outline.
  • Both the shades of green and yellow were bright and vivid.
  • 1991 — 1993 The 1992/93 started a new era in the history of the franchise’s identity.
  • Now, the star replaced the “N” as the visual core of the design.
  • The colors of the star were inverted.
  • The 1992 logo featured the gold outline and the green filling.
  • The word “Stars” in large sans serif gold letters was placed on top of the star.
  • The Dallas Stars logo was used in this form during one playing season only.
  • Both the shade of green and the shade of gold were darkened.
  • Instead of the gold of the previous version, silver was introduced as the tertiary color, while green remained part of the palette, just a new shade was chosen.
  • Behind it, there is a five-pointed star.
  • Both the “D” and the star are given in white and silver on the black background, while the outline of the design is dark green.
  • The word “Dallas” on the top is black, the word “Stars,” in larger letters, is green.
  • Color The three colors comprising the team’s palette are Victory Green (PMS 3425), which is the primary color, Dallas Stars Silver (PMS 877), and black (PMS Process Black).
  • While the official logo guidelines mention only these Dallas Stars team colors, in fact, the primary logo also includes white.
  • Green, in one shade or another, has been used on the team’s logo since 1968.

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