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Celine Logo

Celine logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Celine Logo PNG Logos of luxury brands represent the taste and quality that go along with these brands.
  • The Celine logo is no exception.
  • Meaning and history The today-famous women fashion brand started in the 1940s when Céline and Richard Vipiana established the label, specialized in the production of footwear for kids.
  • 1973 — 1990 The logo for Céline, designed in 1973, featured a bold sans-serif logotype in monochrome, executed in clean lines with traditional shapes.
  • The letters were placed very close to each other and were accompanied by a black emblem placed above it.
  • 1990 — 2012 The redesign of 1990 made the logotype the only element of the brand’s visual identity.
  • The neat and bold sans-serif letters were placed pretty far from each other, creating a sense of lightness and elegance.
  • The airy wordmark was executed in a font that was very close to Neue Helvética.
  • 2012 — 2018 In 2012 the logo was changed again, and this is when the accent above the letter “E” appears.
  • The lines of this version were bolder than on the previous one, and the letters were placed closer to each other, creating a balanced and solid look.
  • The accent above the letter “E” is being removed and the typeface of the whole inscription — changed to a more modern and bold one.
  • It was “Celine” that appeared with the word “Paris”.
  • They chose Semplicità (the 1930s) as the base for it.
  • The new signature mark was to meet the requirements of the contemporary minimalism.

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