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Cartoon Network Studios Logo

Cartoon Network Studios logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Cartoon Network Studios Logo PNG One of America’s best-known animation studios, Cartoon Network Studios is based in Burbank, California.
  • Meaning and history The number of updates the Cartoon Network Studios logo has gone through during its comparatively short history has exceeded ten.
  • 1994 In its original shows, the company typically used the primary logo of Cartoon Network.
  • The letters were taken from the Eagle Bold type.
  • The emblem was black and white.
  • 1996 The word “Studios” was added below the main emblem.
  • It was placed on the white background and featured a different type, so it did not merge well into the logo.
  • You could come across this emblem in several shorts of “What a Cartoon!”.
  • 1997 The word “Studios” was included in the grid, which made the design look more wholesome.
  • The checkered wordmark, which was slightly updated, could be seen below.
  • This logo was also used in a slightly different variation, with more noticeable white highlights along the border of the rectangle.
  • 2003 The company added a version where the word “Studios” looked blurred.
  • It was dominated by the 3D letters “C” and “N” with the full name of the brand below.
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