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Canada Post Logo

Canada Post logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

  • Download PNG Canada Post Logo PNG Canada Post Corporation is a Crown corporation known as the largest postal operator in the country.
  • The logo is the embodiment of the company’s promise – fast postal delivery.
  • Meaning and history It was established in 1897 under the name of Royal Mail Canada.
  • The modern era in the history of the Canada Post logo started in 1987 – this is when the latest version of the emblem was introduced.
  • It has remained virtually unchanged ever since.
  • Colors The centerpiece of the design is the symbol representing a winged envelope.
  • You can see a white parallelepiped, which stands for the envelope, and a white triangle, which stands for the wing.
  • The red stripes seen on the envelope reinforce the impression of motion implied by the “wing.” The white symbol is placed inside a red circle, which adds an eye-catching nuance.The circle, in its turn, is placed inside a dark blue rectangle standing on its wider part.
  • To the left of the circle, the lettering “Canada Post” can be seen, while the text to the right reads “Postes Canada” (which is the French version).
  • The type is a simple sans.
  • It looks very light and clear.
  • While the light weight does not make it better legible, it goes well with the “airmail” idea suggested by the wings.A white bar breaks the blue rectangle into two parts.
  • It looks like the route the winged envelope needs to follow.
  • As a result, this element supports the motion theme already present in the design.The Canada Post logo was developed by Paul Arthur & Associates in 1987.

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