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Brother Logo

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  • Download PNG Brother Logo PNG Brother is a popular Japanese brand of electric appliance manufacturer, focused on production of sewing machines and accessories.
  • Since its establishment in 1908, the brand has become one of the world’s leaders in this segment with affiliates across the globe.
  • Meaning and history The brand was born with the Brother trademark’s registration in 1928, when the company, named after its founder Kanekichi Yasui, was renamed to Yasui Brother’s Sewing Machine Co.
  • The Brother logo is highly recognizable around the globe due to its intense blue color and bold rounded lines of its typeface.
  • 1962 – 1982 The old logo of the internationally recognized company, created in 1962, stayed with Brother for twenty years and was a pretty good reflection of the stability and power of the brand.
  • It was a black and white inscription in a slightly slanted strict typeface, with its uppercase letters featuring one of the vertical bars extended.
  • No other elements were on the emblem, just the lettering.
  • 1982 – Today The Brother Blue reflects the brand’s stability and focus on quality.
  • It evokes the sense of calmness and trust, which company earned during its rich history.
  • Font and color The bright blue lowercase inscription from the Brother logo is instantly recognizable all over the globe.
  • Its smooth lines look friendly and evoke a sense of loyalty and safety, showing the brand as a responsible and high-quality one.
  • The custom typeface of the wordmark is very close to such fonts as Gacor Regular and Option, but with most of the lines cleaned and modified.
  • As for the tagline, “At your side”, it is written in a title case of a classic serif font, like Aries or Spiral Regular.
  • At the same time, blue is a symbol of professionalism and confidence, this is why the shades of this color are most often used by huge corporations and electric appliances brands all over the globe.

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