Inspiration – Boutique Moschino Logo Facts, Meaning, History & PNG

Boutique Moschino Logo
  • Download PNG Boutique Moschino Logo PNG Boutique Moschino is a line of clothing for women established by the Italian fashion house Moschino.
  • Meaning and history The Boutique Moschino logo plays on the contrast of two typefaces.
  • The word “Boutique,” which dominates the design, looks larger.
  • It features a sans serif font with rather wide letters and comparatively generous breathing space.
  • The word “Moschino,” which is given below, looks by far smaller, although in fact, both the words have the same number of letters.
  • Even the height of the letters in both words is the same.
  • However, the glyphs in “Moschino” are very narrow as is the space between them.
  • The contrast between the two words adds some dynamism to the design.

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